Interview with Fr Sanjeeb Xaxa SVD – a new SVD missionary to the IBP

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Ed: How did you hear about the SVD?
Sanjeeb: Till standard 10th, I did not know about SVD. After my completion of 10th, my parents thought me to send for further studies in Mission College. And I joined Divine Word College for my 11th and 12th..

Ed. What made you want to be a member of the Society?
Sanjeeb: My uncle is a priest and I have seen him celebrating the mass from my early age. Slowly the desire to become priest grew within me. By seeing the good behaviour and good work of SVD priests in Divine Word College I thought to join SVD. In the year 2006 I joined minor seminary in Lungai, Odisha.

Ed. Where did you do your formation?
Sanjeeb: My all formation I completed in India. I have been in different parts of India for my formation.

Ed. What did your formation consist of?
Sanjeeb: I began to learn English in Minor Seminary. Then I moved to Palda to do (SIS) course that is Spirituality, Integration and Study. Followed by I went for graduation. After three years of graduation I went for noviciate for one year. I had two years of philosophy and also master degree in philosophy. One year I was in Arunachal Pradesh for my EIP (Exposure and Immersion Programme). In 2014 to 2017 I did my Theology in Pune.

Ed.: Where and when were you ordained?
Sanjeeb: I was ordained in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sundargarh on 23 of January 2018.

Ed. Tell us how you came to be appointed to the IBP.
Sanjeeb: I knew one thing that is; IBP was one of my options. I don’t know how I got my appointment to this province but I would say it’s a blessing in disguised.

Ed: What was your reaction when you heard that you had been appointed here?
Sanjeeb: I was surprised when the rector of Divine word Seminary, Pune announced my appointment.

Ed. What did you know about Ireland and Britain before you came ?
Sanjeeb: while I was doing OTP course, I chose Ireland for my presentation. And I knew basic things about Ireland like: national anthem, national symbol, national feast, culture and etc…. And about the Great Britain, I could remember hanging bridge of London, oxford and Cambridge University and obviously English poets, authors.

Ed. You arrived in July and so you are now already here for about 4 months. What have been your first impressions in the UK? And in Ireland?
Sanjeeb: It’s my turn to contribute something to the UK and Ireland. I remember some of the confreres from this province have worked in my diocese, like Fr Norman Davitt and Fr Kevin O’Toole. Therefore it’s my responsibility to contribute something to the province as well as to the local church wherever I work.

Ed. What do you hope to bring to the Church in Ireland or Britain?
Sanjeeb: proclaiming Gospel values through my life and using the modern means to make the people to know the importance of Christ’s love.

Ed; What are your sentiments as you begin this new missionary journey?
Sanjeeb: I am excited and happy, and at the same time I feel the sense of great responsibility.

Ed. We are delighted to welcome you and to have you among us and we wish you every blessing and happiness in our Province of the IBP.
Sanjeeb: Thank You

Ed. – Fr Liam D. SVD

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  1. Hello, I am Stanley Lemb, SVD in temporary vows. I am so inspired by this interview. I am from Papua New Guinea SVD Province, and currently doing Theology Two. I wish to apply for ESP in IBP. Please kindly send me some information about Formation and studies there.


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