North Circular Road, Dublin

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Divine Word Missionaries
133 North Circular Road, Dublin 7, Ireland. Tel : 00353 (1) 8386743

This house was purchased by the SVD in 1993. It was initially a House of Formation for students. It remained so until 1998. It then became the Official Provincial Residence, and also was used as a house for SVD Missionaries who were in Transit, either coming from or returning to their respective missions.

The Hose continues as the Provincial Residence to this day in 2009. There is a community consisting of 5 Confreres in residence.

A little about the Provincial House: The row of houses where the SVD house stands is under the protection of the National Trust, meaning that the frontal part of the house can not be altered in any way. The house itself was built in the year 1898. North Circular Road in those days was vastly different to the North Circular Road of today, at that time there were double decked trams operating along the road, from Phonix Park to Donnybrook via the City Centre. However, even after over 100 years, the road is still recognisable, if one looks at the paiting in the front hall of our House.

Being the main road from the city to the Phoenix Park meant that any visiting dignitaries to Ireland, were and still are transported along the road en route to visit Aras An Uachtaran, the Presidential residence.

In fact were one to stand in the front garden, there is very likelyhood that the President motorcade may pass by, and were one ready, perhaps a little wave of the hand may not go amiss.

Fr George Millar SVD

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