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For over 70 years Irish-British Province has served local Church in Ireland and United Kingdom. Here are the key dates from its history:

 1931 Minor seminary opened in Hadzor House Droitwich; Named St Richards College.
 1936 First issue of The Word, monthly family magazine; publishing suspended in 1940, reappeared in 1946 as a quarterly;
in 1953 the magazine began to be edited in Ireland as a monthly pictorial
 1939 St Patrick’s Noviciate house opened at Donamon Castle, Co Roscommon
 April 1947 Independent British-Irish Province (until then part of the Lower German Province)
 1948 St David’s College in Carrog, Wales, opened as centre for late vocations
 1957 Printing began in Donamon
 1965 First SVD students sent to National Seminary in Maynooth for theological studies
 July 1965  British-Irish Province divides into two independent British and Irish provinces
 1968 SVDs and six other missionary congregations founded Missionary Institute London as a training centre for students for missionary priesthood
 1969 Divine Word Mission House opened in Maynooth
1973 First issue of KAIROS catechetical and aducational magazine
1980 Philosophy students move from Donamon to Maynooth
1991 Divine Word Schood of English opened in Maynooth
1992 last issuse of KAIROS magazine; Kairos moves towards audio/video, TV production and training courses
1999 Irish and British provinces united again and formed Irish-British Province

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