Pembroke Road, Dublin

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Divine Word Missionaries,  3 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4, Ireland. Tel : +353  (01) 6680904, Email:

It was in August 1978 that the Divine Word Missionaries began a house of formation for Brothers, and is the oldest house in the Dublin District. It was named “Teach na mBráthre” and dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes. It can accommodate 6 permanent members in the main house as well as having a guest room. In the garden there is a mews where another confrere lives who is chaplain to one of the city hospitals.

Pembroke Road copy
Pembroke Road and Provincial House

Those living here are engaged in a variety of apostolates. Some either teach or study at the Milltown Institute which is one of the six recognised colleges of the National University of Ireland. The Faculties of Theology/Spirituality and Philosophy are situated there which are recognized by both Church and State. Also living here are the coordinators of the Biblical Apostolate and Justice and Peace for the Province. There is, as already mentioned, a chaplain in hospital ministry and finally a retired member who is busy taking care of the house.

Community life centres on the Eucharist and Morning Prayer at 8a.m. followed by breakfast together. We take care of our own cooking and general maintenance of the house. For those who wish there is Lunch at 1.30p.m., but generally in the evenings people prepare their own meals.


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