Arnoldus Family: SSpS & SSpSAP

Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) is the second congregation founded by St Arnold Janssen together with Bl. Mother Maria, Helena Stollenwerk and Mother Josepha, Hendrina Stenmanns, on 08 December 1889 in Steyl in the Netherlands. In one of their websites, they stated:

“We are a Missionary Congregation of women rooted in a Trinitarian Spirituality.  As Servants of the Holy Spirit, we love and honour the Holy Spirit in a special way, centring our prayer and heart to the voice of God Holy Spirit’s inspiration. As an international Congregation we share our lives in international communities, witnessing to the presence of the Triune God in the World.”

Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSpSAP) is the third Congregation founded by St. Arnold Janssen on the feast of  the Immaculate Conception, 8 December 1896 with Mother Mary Michael, Adolfine Tönnies, as Co-foundress.

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