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A distinguishing feature of our community life is that confreres from different nations live and work together. This becomes a mutually enriching experience when based on deep respect for one another’s nationality and culture.

As a community of [priests and] brothers from different nations and languages, we become a living symbol of the unity and diversity of the church.

Whoever joins our Society must be ready to go wherever the superior sends him in order to fulfil our missionary mandate even if this entail leaving his own country, mother tongue and cultural milieu. Such readiness is an essential characteristic of our missionary vocation. Confreres always have the right to volunteer for missionary service in another country or culture.

No matter where he lives, every confrere is a member of a definite community, be it a house or district. In either case he should contribute to building up his community.

Because of the character of our Society, confreres are appointed to various provinces according to the principle of relative internationality.

To carry out our mission in a worthy and effective manner, we make every effort to master the language of the people and become familiar with their history and culture.

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