Evangelical Counsel

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We follow the Lord on the path of the evangelical counsels and bind ourselves to his person and his service by the vows of consecrated chastity, evangelical poverty and apostolic obedience. In this way we join together to form a missionary religious community. We propose to make the goodness and kindness of God visible in our life and service.

We live celibate life in community. This means that we strive to form a true brotherhood where every confrere can feel at home, form deep friendships and find fulfilment in his work and in the developments of his talents. Such a community makes us more mature and natural in our dealings with people.

Our poverty has a missionary character. It call us to generously place time, talents, work and community goods at the service of our missionary tasks. Only to the extent that earthly goods serve the kingdom of God can their use in the Society be justified.

Our obedience serves to unite us and coordinates our efforts, focussing them on the Society’s missionary goals. To attain these we are ready to go anywhere the Society sends us. We work at our assignments conscientiously but are prepared to hand them over to other, even after years of service.

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