A Mustard Seed Can Grow Into a Tree

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50 years ago, an Irish SVD priest went to Hong Kong and established an SVD school in the territory – Sing Yin Secondary School. The school devoted to educate boys living in its surrounding poor neighborhood.

After twenty years, the school has evolved to be one of the best schools in the region, and I was so happy that I was able to spend my youth time there. I was also very lucky that with the guidance of the priests, I was baptised when I was in year 10. Ten years after I had graduated from the school, I was given the opportunity to serve in the school, teaching Religious Studies and Social Sciences. Now being a Catechist and a father of two, I have moved to the UK as a Religious Studies teacher and contributed myself helping new coming Hong Kongers to settle in.

If St. Arnold Janssen was not determined to spread the Word to the Far East, and sent St. Joseph Freinademetz to there, the SVD might not set up the school in Hong Kong, and I might not receive education in Sing Yin, and in consequence I might not probably end up engaging in serving people by spreading God’s message to them. I am so grateful to what the congregation has done, for the seeds you sow has now become a good refuge for those looking for God!

David Chu

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